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Deluxe Wildlife Charter
Living the Dream, Ambiance Plus

Waianae Small Boat Harbor, aboard the Island Spirit: 10 Passengers, 8am check-in - 11:30am return, $175 adults, $145 kids

Charter participants usually experience at least two of the following (all three if Mother Nature willing) - our marine mammal sighting rates are 99.5%:

Dolphin Encounters / Wild Dolphin Swim
Whale Watching Edventure
Guided Snorkeling with Turtles and Coral Reef Fish

Our award-winning charters inspire a love for the natural world. Join a guided reef snorkel hunt, make friends with wild dolphins, and enter the secret worlds of sea turtles - in their world, on their terms. Inspiring, enriching, and tailor made, marine naturalists and wildlife biologists lead this surf-ari into the ocean wilderness. On this get-your-hands-wet adventure, kids of all ages will interactively learn the difference between baleen and toothed whales, how dolphins ‘hear’ and sleep, how to tell male from female turtles, etc. Then get into the ocean ‘lab’ and snorkel with the same critters, where they live.

"If for no other reason book this tour as they limit the size of the group. There was no crowding, no hassle and plenty of room to enjoy the scenery and the ride out to the sealife." TripAdvisor Review

  • Small group discoveries - 10 passenger limit per charter - 1/4 of the Island Spirit's USCG documented capacity - its the least expensive "private" cruise on Oahu. If you don't have 10 in your party, we'll mix and match... If you have more, we can accommodate.

  • Guided Swimming with Wild Dolphins Includes briefings on dolphin behavior and dolphin "wet-iquette" on how to respect and swim with wild dolphins. Personal assistance in the water makes an ocean of difference. Be 'touched' by a dolphin's joy and freedom.

  • Sea Turtle - mesmerizedGuided Snorkeling Tour and fun interactive briefings led by water-savvy naturalists and biologists. safely and comfortably encounter giant sea turtles and native reef fish, where they live.

    "Swimming with the island's turtles is a life-changing experience, for children and grown-ups. The sound of kids squealing with delight through their snorkels makes me grin just thinking about it."

  • Whale watching (humpbacks, during winter season) In the Company of Whales - In the Footsteps of Giants - find the best whale pods and witness incredible behaviors - with engaging narration about what is playing out before you - we're not just 'spouting' facts.
  • Onboard hydrophone broadcasts whales and dolphin vocalizations from underwater, instantly engaging us with a whole other dimension of the oceanic world, as whales sing and dolphins chatter away with their unique clicks and squeaks.

    easy on and off the boat with staircase ladder
    • Class and comfort onboard the "Island Spirit" - carrying only 10 passengers on a catamaran USCG certified for 40 people affords room to roam - sunbathing on two trampolines, sun-safe in the shade or get out of the weather completely inside the roomy cabin. A private bathroom on a steady, stable catamaran allows for complete comfort.

      "Easy in and easy out of the water with the Island Spirit's staircase ladder"

  • Snorkel gear and flotation devices provided for all to ensure an enjoyable, safe, family-friendly and wildlife-friendly nature connections. Get close enough to (almost) touch dolphins riding the bow (you might get "spit" on!), while looking down between the hulls is just like a glass bottom boat!

  • BBQ lunch -consisting of; kalua pork – homegrown in Waianae and fresh out of the imu, locally baked buns, potato salad, fresh pineapple, with unlimited granola bars all day.

  • All of our charters run only once per day, maximizing the best time to be on the water - and optimizing that we aren't pressured have to rush back for a 2nd or 3rd tour. 'No pressure' makes the experience the best it can be, for both you and the wildlife encountered.
  • Give Back - a portion of all proceeds and photo ids of wildlife or other data taken aboard your charter go to the Wild Dolphin Foundation for conservation efforts,and whose work has contributed to breakthroughs in marine mammal studies in Hawaii.
  • Whale watching onboard

Important Tour Information

  • 10 passengers max, at least six needed to "set sail" (we'll mix and match )- Inquire if your group is larger, will take private groups up to 20-ish
  • Arrival 8am - Return 11:30ish
  • $175 per adult, $145 for children 10 and under. All inclusive, this price beats Sea Life Park captive dolphin swims hands down ($240 for 30 minutes 'in water' @ Sea Life Park) "Sea Life Park, Heartbreaking Experience".
  • Suitable for all ages and swimming abilities, ages 7 and up recommended
  • Includes: BBQ lunch, snacks, water, and juice.
  • Reservations Though will take 'last minute' bookings (if space available); we highly recommend booking at least two weeks in advance - and even longer for Christmas or Spring Break.
  • Don't have transportation?

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Other Day Charters

  • Best of the West - Mornings, 1/2 day - more of what you want to do, only 6 passengers, no kids under 12

Notice: Wild Side (complete terms and agreements) reserves the right to substitute vessels, and to seasonally modify departure and arrival times. Due to our popularity and limited group sizes, cancellations within less than 10 day notice and "No Shows" are subject to full charge. Prices quoted do not include state tax, harbor fees or fuel surcharge.

Although our sighting rates are at 90+% we cannot guarantee sightings, interaction with wild dolphins whales, snorkeling, nor ideal weather conditions. We reserve the right to not facilitate in-water OR shipboard encounters which we feel may compromise the well-being of our guests or oceanic wildlife. All passengers are required to wear flotation devices.

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