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Hawaii Dolphin Encounters

~Man's Best Ocean-Dwelling Friend - Poetry in Ocean~

Year-round, daily, Oahu dolphin encounter protion of the charter may also include swimming with wild dolphins swimgreen sea turtle encounters - reef snorkeling tours and whale watching

With our marine biologist crew, experience dolphins in depth, not in tanks - but as nature intended them to be, wild and free. Gain first-hand knowledge about dolphin behavior, their ocean environment, companions and predators, and pressing conservation issues.

Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed at night, so you may be entering (or peacefully watching from nearby) their "bedroom." The most acrobatic of all dolphins, the spinners may be be courting, communicating, resting, socializing, nursing or teaching their young. Spotted dolphins in Hawaii

Feel good that a portion of all proceeds go to Oahu's Wild Dolphin Foundation's conservation activities. Observations at this time help us to learn about and protect these dolphins and their habitats - you'll discover first hand what makes this bond something that has captivated the human heart since man found the ocean.

Our dolphin encounters may include:
• Viewing of Spinner, Bottlenose, Rough-toothed or Spotted Dolphins - False Killer Whales and Pilot whales - or any of the 18 species of toothed whales and six baleen whales! Frequency Sighting Chart
Swimming with dolphins (on the dolphin's terms)
Whale watching year round, or whale watching humpback whales
Snorkeling with green sea turtles and tropical reef fish

Hawaii's dolphins are not only entrancing and fun to watch, they are part of a complex and fragile ecosystem, including the culture of Hawaii. dolphin tour, swimming with dolphins

Wild Side members have been researching, living, and playing with these dolphins for over 15 years. To guarantee interaction may compromise their resting or socializing periods. If all goes as planned, you will have the option of having a truly unique experience observing the pods behavior in the wild. By working together, we insure that all dolphins will be here to delight us for generations to come.

You may also want to look over How to choose a whale watching tour as a company's ethics are important for dolphin interaction, both for your experience and the dolphins. Notice : Although our sighting rate are at 90-95% we cannot guarantee interaction with wild dolphins nor ideal weather conditions. Wild Side adheres to the IWC's General Principles for Whalewatching to minimise the risks of adverse impacts of whalewatching on cetaceans.

In The End We Will Conserve Only What We Love
We Will Love Only What We Understand
We Will Understand Only What We Are Taught - Baba Dioum


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