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Just like a Glass Bottom Boat! The Water is That Clear...

We are often asked if those who stay onboard will still have a good time. Of course! The most acrobatic and dramatic dolphin and whale skills are above water - and while onboard, you can look between the catamaran hulls to watch the dolphins bow ride, whales pass under the boat, as well as reef, turtles and fish gliding by beneath us - without stopping.

Best yet, you can lay close enough to reach down and feel the spray of bowriding dolphins! Though unlike a glass bottom boat, there is nothing separating your senses from the dolphin's underwater world, you can still see, hear, and 'feel' them. Ever smell a whale's snarge (blow)? Ask us about it...

While snorkeling does immerse you in their world (on their terms), being onboard often affords longer encounters, with more behaviors seen. Our skilled crew are also receptive to helping new swimmers or snorkelers get the most of their experience - as long as they are willing!

Like a Glass Bottom Boat, but better...



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