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Hawaii Dolphin, Whale, Volunteer and Internship Programs
Where both you and the marine life are wild and free

Live-aboard "Untamed" Expeditions into the life aquatic are ongoing, year round.

We are often questioned about volunteer vacations, long-term, or other opportunities available to participate in dolphin conservation in Hawaii.

dolphin spins on family travel packageThe Wild Dolphin Foundation's volunteer and internship (college credits available) program is open to a wide variety of persons who feel this may be part of their life mission and can commit to projects below. Limited training provided. No cost to program, however housing, transportation or any other types of lodging or compensation are not provided for in the volunteer program. See the Wild Dolphin Foundation volunteer page for more details.

  • Personnel for ongoing marine mammal, turtle, and coral reef research projects. Learn to record and analyze behaviors, and gain first hand experience in the joys and frustrations associated with field studies.
  • Videos scanned for whale and dolphin photo ID's (100's of hours of above and underwater footage)
  • Video's scanned for whale and dolphin behavior patterns
  • Field work -Shore observation of whales and dolphins, water quality sampling, reef and turtle monitoring
  • Curriculum and outreach developmentvolunteer dolphin
  • Data entry of captains logs and journals on whale and dolphin tracking
  • Reef Check and REEF survey efforts
  • Photography of turtles for identification and tumor monitoring.

Please see the The Wild Dolphin Foundation's website for complete information

USA Today, Feb. 26, 2004: 10 great places to spend a week or two with whales

Today Show, Jan. 21, 2004; Volunteer Vacations helping wildlife, Organizations offer volunteers the opportunity to get up close and personal with animals, while learning about the world around them (look for the box listings.)

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