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Directions to Wild Side Specialty Tours in Wai'anae

"To realize the value of one minute:
Ask a person who has missed the boat, bus or plane

Please be certain we have a way to get a hold of you if need be i.e. for bad weather, rescheduling. etc. Best way is to send us an email to reservations@sailhawaii.com. If you're a visitor and have already arrived on the island, please give us a call at (808) 306-7273 to leave a local contact number (if you haven't left one already...)

Coming from Disney Aulani/ Four Seasons/ Ko Olina Resorts, 20 -30 minutes

We're only 10 miles away however quite a few traffic lights, but nice ocean view! Go over the overpass and NW towards Waianae. The ocean is on your left the whole way....

Coming from Kailua / Kaneohe / Waimanalo, 60 -90 minutes

If coming from the Kailua/Kaneohe/Waimanalo (hour, hour and a half) area take HI-72 (Kalanianaole Hwy) south, and make a right on the HI-83 (Kamehameha Hwy). Proceed to the H3 south (Pearl Harbor) and on to the H1 west towards (and beyond) “Pearl City”. At this the ocean will border you on the left.

Coming from the North Shore, 70 - 90 minutes

If on the North Shore (from 70 minutes to a good hour and half), take the Kamehameha highway west, then down the middle of the island to the H2 south to H1 west (follow signs for Waianae). The highway doesn't go around the island from the north shore to the west coast (even if it looks so on your map). Allow a good hour and a half driving time. From Turtle Bay, going east to the H3 south (see above Kailua... etc.) may be a better route if big surf on North Shore.

From Makaha, 5 minutes

From Makaha (5 minutes), turn right and head back towards town along Farrington Hwy. From the 7-11 stoplight, proceed through two more stoplights (the two by the high school). Go past the baseball field, and the covered bus stop and take the next right.

From Waikiki or Airport, 60 - 90 minutes

From Waikiki or airport area, Take either Kapahulu or McCully to the H1 west towards Waianae. At one point, near the airport, H1 splits into the 78. If you find yourself on the 78 (its actually the "main" freeway), that's OK, in a couple of miles it merges back into the H1. Allow approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours driving time from Waikiki.

Once You are on H1, From All Directions

From Ko Olina, over the freeway and west towards Waianae. Give yourself 20+ minutes to drive the rural 10 miles northward.

In the Barbers Point, Ko 'Olina vicinity past Ewa (southwest corner of the island) the H1 becomes four-lane highway 93. At this point the ocean should be on your left. If its on the right, you're going the wrong direction!)

In Nanakuli, the first small town on the coast, there is a McDonalds on the right. In Waianae (about 5 more miles), you'll pass a second McDonalds, right next to the only Taco Bell on the coast. After Taco Bell, there is a traffic light. The entrance to the boat harbor is about one city block AFTER this traffic light, there is a dedicated left turn lane, get into it and follow the arrows painted on the road into the Waianae Boat Harbor. There is an obscure wooden sign right before the driveway (left side of road) that reads “Waianae Regional Park," and big white Reynolds Recycling Trailer beyond it.

At the Pierwaianae boat harbor

Make an immediate right past the two story building; you'll see three piers where the boats are docked. You can park (free) in front of the piers, in the car parking (not in trailer parking – you may get a ticket!).

Deluxe Wildife Charters meet on the Island Spirit , please follow the directions to the boat that are on your confirmation

Best of the West on the C pier, on th Alaka'i - please follow the detailed directions to the boat that are on your confirmation.

Please don’t wait in the parking lot area (we’ll be waiting for you, waiting for us!); check-in at the boat is at 8 am..

Check-In & Departure

If your personal situation deems that you need to leave earlier, please do so. We can only give a “generous average” of drive-time needed. If you are lost or running late for the check-in (8am Best of the West), please give us a call on the boat (808-330.2502) and have a landmark picked out to determine where you are. It is totally circumstantial if we are able to wait for you.

Check-in consists of individual snorkel gear fitting and briefings; group vessel orientation, safety briefing and then signing of waiver forms. If you miss the group safety briefing - or the boat - you will be considered a “no-show” and charged full price.

We will be leaving the harbor no later than 1/2 hour beyond check-in time, and possibly earlier.Therefore, you need to be on time for check-in. Do not rely on the drive time given by your GPS, it will not figure in road work, school traffic, etc.

We Provide...

We provide lunch on the Best of the West, dinner on evening charters, ice-cold drinks and substantial, healthy snacks onboard all cruises. Be fully prepared to guard against sunburn, the sun in the tropics is very intense. Sunglasses, hats, towels, and cover-ups are needed. It is usually best to put sunscreen on before you leave home,, so you don't forget to apply once on your adventure, and you can always reapply when needed. No spray-on sunscreen onboard please, overspray can create a safety hazard.

You Should Bring...

It may be a good idea to bring jackets, especially during the winter months or for the evening charters. We have lots of room onboard so better to lug it and not need it, then need it and not have it! Shoes will stay dock-side, for safety reasons.

We supply snorkel gear, but as we have a limited supply (size-wise), bring your own, or rent from a snorkel supplier (such as Snorkel Bob's), if you have very small or very large people (as in feet or faces) in your party (you are a pro basketball team, or bringing small children). We do not offer prescription lenses, but contacts usually work fine.


Catamarans are known for their smooth "cut-through-the water" rides. But if there is any possibility for sea-sickness, you may want to start popping ginger pills about a week before the charter date, and/or use sea-bands, or over-the-counter medication. Bonine (over-the-counter medication), causes less drowsiness than Dramamine and both are best started the night before your charter (you sleep off any drowsiness and it is well into your blood stream by the morning). If you use the "patch" be aware that the active ingredient may cause dilation of the pupils in some people (not good in the bright sun!). If you are not prone to sea/air/car-sickness you should be fine without anything. Unless perhaps, you are suffering from a cold or ear infection (that "inner ear" thing).

Sea you soon!

Waianae Boat Harbor @ Google Map


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