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One Fish, Two Fish … Reef Fish

Take yourself to new depths, on cruises with a club that counts...

With every breath we take, every drop of water we drink, we’re connected to the ocean. It is our life support system, giving us more than half of the oxygen we breathe, regulating climate, and providing valuable resources. We also offer REEF surveys as an addtion to the "regular" snorkeling on our full and multiple day cruises. Snorkeling Electric Beach, Kahe Point

Komo mai kau mapuna hoe: “Put in your dip of the paddle.” is kaona, or hidden meaning, is to help out and pull your weight, Ways to protect Hawaii’s reefs: are to plant native trees that protect the watershed, share proper reef etiquette, and use fish-friendly sunscreen. As you spend time snorkeling over some of the best reefs in the world - amid birthing grounds for giant whales and microscopic coral larvae. It’s an easy take-home lesson: put in your paddle and pitch in.

Most people take up diving and snorkeling to be able to observe marine life. Coral reefs support more species per square meter than any other ocean ecosystem and fish watching can give snorkelers' a new, and exciting challenge, and to contribute to the health of reefs.

Join our team of marine biologists and other folks across the nation conducting reef fish and turtle surveys. Onboard mini-training classes in fish identification and behavior are forOh, creatures we meet ...! both novices and experts, instilling a lifelong skill to be enjoyed whenever or wherever you snorkel. REEF is the equivalent of joining a marine Audubon Society! Take your slate and skills along to every other beach you snorkel or dive.

As A REEF field station, many of Wild Side's snorkeling adventures can be conducted in collaboration with REEF. If you interested in REEF, let us know and we can always set up training's, or let you know when the next one is. You don't have to be in the club to conduct REEF snorkel surveys with us, with anyone or even on your own! That said... :)

REEF Field Station

Sea Grant put together some fantastic online helps for learning your Hawaiian fish. Thanks Cassidy!

Intro to Fishes | Hawaiian Fish Families | Swimming Deeper into Fish Families: Angelfish to Filefish | Swimming Deeper into Fish Families: Flagtails to Trumpetfish


Things You Can Do to Protect Coral Reefs | How to Snorkel | Reef Watch Hawaii Blog


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