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Get away from the usual - and closer to adventure — explore the less traveled waters in Hawaii onboard small-ship cruising

Small Ship CruisingKai Akea - the vastness of the ocean - Nearly two thousand years ago the first Polynesian canoe entered quiet bays and landed upon the sands of Hawaii. Hawaii's many forms of living beauty offers unique gems to those willing to seek them out respectfully. Carefully selected sites are based not only on their bounty of wildlife but also on their geographical, cultural and/or historical significance. Life didn't begin in Hawaii, it was just perfected here.

For more information on life onboard, see our Small-Ship Cruising "Untamed" Webpage. The goal of our six-passenger SeaEscapes (on a boat built for 22!) is simply to bring together people with common passions, to ignite creativity, to increase everyone’s knowledge of and aloha for the underwater (and unique above water!) world, and to send everyone home refreshed, rejuvenated , and with more awareness of the fragility of Hawaii's ecosystems than when they arrived.

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Oahu's Wildest Dolphin Swim Overnighter - All Year Long!

Join our Untamed marine biologist team for an overnight dolphin adventure of a lifetime.

Tour description: Live it, Love it, Save it

  • Luxury 50 foot Yacht Nautilus early am - overnight - to mid afternoon the next day.
  • Local and seasonal food when possible and prepared with Aloha always!
  • Overnight, on deck under the stars watching for falling stars (or private bunks) in secluded bays
  • Wild Side's signature dolphin swim experience, snorkeling coral reefs with green sea turtles, offshore scouting for larger species of dolphins and whales,
  • Humpback whales Dec. - May, lull yourself to sleep with onboard hydrophone piping in live whale songs throughout the night, up close encounters during the day...
  • Sun, excitement, salt water, dolphin and whales, and truly unique experiences.

$675 per person for two day / overnighter, includes accommodations and all onboard meals. Click on link in title above for full details. For general information see our Full to Multi Day Liveaboard Webpage

Don't have time for an overnighter, take a full day trip to Whale-opolis!

Veteran's Day / Memorial Day Overnighters

When it comes to operating in dangerous shores or deep oceans, the U.S. military often turns to a unique force: marine mammals. Dolphins have been trained in attack-and-kill missions since the Cold War, and can detect underwater mines better than any man-made device.

Learn more about these unseen veterans and experience them in their natural habitat - in Hawaii - where World War II began. Historical sites affected by the war and viewed from the coastline will include the Aloha Tower, Pearl Harbor entrance, Barber's Point, and the entire Waianae Coastline.

Our marine biologist crew will take you underwater to view items preserved and left over from war times, such as a sunken plane and a tank, now covered in coral reef and tropical fish.  On a lighter note, encounters both above and under the water with dolphins are in the works, and we may even run into some pre-season humpback whales.  All  food and lodging is included, do please bring your own snorkel gear, or let us know if needed. $675 per person, six passengers maximum, see more details on live-aboard accommodations.

Meteor Shower Overnighters

We'll meet at the Honolulu dock before sunset and sail out to a the rural coastline to anchor in a secluded bay, away from ambient city lights. We'll watch for falling stars throughout the night, and especially at the peak of the showers. Sleep in the next morning, or catch a morning swim with wild dolphins, head back for the dock, with time to look for humpbacks or other whales... $595 per person, all food and drinks included (limited to six passengers onboard the 50 ft. yacht Nautilus). Inquire for private charter rates. April 21—22 Lyrids, July 28-29 Southern Delta Aquarid, Aug. 12-13 Perseids, Oct. 21-22 Orionids, Dec. 13 and 14, 2011 Geminids Meteor Shower, Jan 3 and 4, Quadrantids Meteor shower

Downwind Run Cruises - departing from Maui,

Fly into Maui and ferry over to Lana`i or Molokai– check out land-based activities and then meet our marine biologist crew and 50’ yacht at the dock for intense natural beauty, secluded snorkel anchorages, and marine wildlife – on a leisurely downwind run to Waikiki. From Lana`i or Moloka`i we’ll track to Oah`u by way of the backside of Moloka`i (sea cliffs, waterfalls) or explore the Penguin Banks (abundant ocean life). Must be at least a two-day charter, three days preferred. Six passenger limit, four to set sail. $695-1195 per person, all onboard meals and beverages included.

Star Shots PhotographyGirlfriend Getaways

Grab your bag and get onboard with your wedding party, your "fifty (or forty) and fabulous" friends, your gaggle of sisters, or whoever your girls may be!

We women mermaids and those dolphins belong together - just like you and your girls do. Let the guys do the hunting trip, this is the way our nature connection rolls.

Multiple days, islands and species, its up to you....


SeaEscape / Untamed Expeditions - What to Expect Onboard

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