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Go Sight-Seaing, with Guided Snorkeling

"The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish" - Jacques Cousteau"

Available on all charters, your intrepretive snorkel tour guide provides exploration in nature’s ‘living classroom of vibrant reef fish and other reef inhabitants. Also, the most interesting natural and cultural sights at the best beaches on the Leeward coast. Guided snorkeling gives opportunities to reconnect to nature and create lasting memories

Situated beside a stunning mountain range. you'll snorkel at an offshore fish laden reef with important habitat for for green sea turtles. This area is also sometimes used us as a resting ground for Hawaiian spinner dolphins. While other tour's participants are stationary in a small area, your interactive guide will be showing you all that they missed!

Sea Turtles on guided snorkling portion of tour (photo below)!

Guided Reef Snorkel Oahu Hawaii Photographed in Oahu, Hawaii

On guided snorkel tours, you'll see so much more fish, turtles, and other wildlife!

Makaha Beach is Oahu's second most popular dive site. This superb snorkeling area supports water with a wonderful aqua blue tint. Underwater formations include caverns, arches and tunnels - at depths of 15 to 40 feet. Visibility is normally excellent, with little current.

Sea life includes large schools of diverse and endemic reef fish, sea cucumbers and urchins, wrasse, goatfish, parrotfish, nudibranchs, trumpetfish and cornetfish, 5 kinds of triggerfish, pufferfish, chromis, damselfish, macroalgaes, corals, green sea turtles, seasonal rays, and more!

You can even visit a unique turtle feeding ground and with its own natural underwater cleaning station. Abundant photographic opportunities exist at this (and all) our sites

Makaha Beach is also a world famous surfing spot. If the waves should be kicking - especially during the winter, we can watch but will probably head to another area for snorkeling.

Ready for Guided Snorkel Tour!

Ready to go snorkeling in Hawaii Photographed on Oahu, Hawaii

On guided snorkel tours, are always in small personal groups.


Makaha can mean the eye (maka) that breathes (ha) suggesting that in this very sacred valley There are many life-like stone formations which, seemed to be watching your every step. The ancient Hawaiian believed each stone, as well as plant, to be living beings - alive with mana (the life-force). This, combined with the danger of robbers hiding in the bushes must have given any traveler pause when passing by Makaha alone.

You Should Know

Notice: Wild Side (complete terms and agreements) reserves the right to substitute vessels, and to seasonally modify departure and arrival times. Due to our popularity and self-limited group sizes, cancellations with less than 10 day notice and "No Shows" are subject to full charge. Prices quoted do not include state tax, harbor fees or fuel surcharge.

Although our sighting rates are at 95+% we cannot guarantee sightings, interaction with wild dolphins, whales, snorkeling, nor ideal weather conditions. We reserve the right to not facilitate in-water OR shipboard encounters which we feel may compromise the well-being of our guests or ocean wildlife. We do not offer transportation to the boat harbors.Wild Side adheres to the IWC's General Principles for Whale watching to minimize the risks of adverse impacts of whale watching on cetaceans.

Reservations for holiday peaks, winter and summer seasons are recommended to be made at least two weeks ahead of time. Though we will take 'last minute' ones if we have space, your chances are much better to block ahead of time.



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