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Swimming with WIld Dolphins, Oahu 's West Side

In a Dolphin World, On a Dolphin's Terms - Doing it the Dolphin Smart Way

We've been getting wet and wild with wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins for over 20 years. With our experience, and minimal passengers per charter, you can be assured that your dolphin encounter will be the best possible for you and the dolphins. Ready to swim with dolphins in the 'wild'?

Best of the West only 6 guests per charter! | Deluxe Family Cruise up to 10 passengers per charter

"Is swimming with dolphins in the wild on your bucket list? Skip the artificial captive experiences and go with Wild Side - where the dolphins swim free." Beyond the Guide Books on Oahu

Take nothing but pictures - touch nothing but hearts. We wait - particularly for the swim-with portion of encounters - until dolphins appear social, interactive, and comfortable in their surroundings. This can mean waiting until other boats leave the area, viewing dolphins from the boat only (no swimming), or seeking in-water dolphin encounters in other locations. The first criteria of swimming with wild dolphins, is that they approach you. dolphin swim oahu

Best encounters and best weather are usually during morning hours. Our goal is to facilitate a "magical" experience, with respect and dignity for both you and the dolphins encountered.

Did we say, our boats have above-water exhaust - making a gentle purr under the water, rather than sounding like a jet coming down a runway? We also keep the boat right by our swimmers - who are usually paralleling the pod, in their own human lane, on the "dolphin freeway" (see pic to right) just swimming along "from point A to point B".

Unless there is human/swimmer error (mask leaks, etc.) we usually make no more than one or two offers for the dolphins to come our way. That is usually all we need, and the dolphins will let us know when their interst in us is complete.

Swimming near wild dolphins (photos) means you meet them on their turf, your experience totally dependent on their choice of if, how, when, and how long they will share an encounter with you...

In-Water Guidelines for Swimming with Wild Dolphins - Dolphin Wet-iquette

Please review How to Swim with Wild Dolphins, and Are YOU ready to swim with dolphins? We reserve the right to not facilitate any in-water or above water encounters which may compromise wildlife or human safety. If you are not a good swimmer, have fears or other limitations, please let us know and we can work with you to either remain onboard where you may have a much better view and experience, or we will help to raise your comfort level for an in water encounter.

Please note that due to increasing visitation to the dolphin's habitat we will not force encounters on the animals, nor on you. We will critically, and ethically judge if you and the dolphins will have a better encounter if viewing them from onboard - or looking for a different pod.

"The ocean is not our home. . . we are guests and should act accordingly." Kathleen Dudzinski

Wild Dolphin Encounters and Swims

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Wild Side's wildlife tours focus on education and conservation so that an interactive relationship can be maintained in the best interest of both humans and dolphins. We strive to foster admiration and deep respect for these wonder-full marine mammals.

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