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Whale-opolis Charter, Extreme Whale Watching

Being ran onboard the Best of the West - for those exclusively wanting whales. Just let us know, we'll see if you can mix and match with like-minded folks, or get your own group of six together...

Close Encounters of the Blubbery Kind - within the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, Dec. 15th - April.

The Whale-opolis is a ‘bucket list” whale of an adventure, an upscale journey to the highest, most magnificent, population of humpback whales on O'ahu (who says whales are only on Maui?).and has made us Fodors choice for whale watching on Oahu, and deemed by CBS' Josh Horwitz as one of the "Top Five American Whale Watching Tours"

Wild Side’s passion brings thrills, chills, and memorieshumpback whale calf whale watching oahu

Whale-opolis charters are focused on whale watching, going to the most prolific whale-watching areas on Oahu. This little known but whale-rich area is the favored spot and prime breeding grounds for Oahu's humpback whales. .

Our favorite whale encounters are those being 'mugged' or in the midst of a heat-run, competitive humpback whales - a gigantic version of extreme whale 'dating'. It's both exhilarating and un-nerving every time it happens! Seeing a fluke-up dive and mom's with calves get the ooh's and aahs, and breach's are always awe inspiring, but nothing beats the raw power of a heat-run...Full-on competition is not normally seen, unless you take the time it takes to go where the action is. Sighting a whale for the first time — or the 101st — routinely elicits shouts of joy, But often after experiencing a heat run, people are just... quiet. They may be scared witless, or awestruck; we're not always sure!

The behavior of amorous humpback whales can make an awe-inspiring show: 45-foot bodies hurled almost free of the water to crash down again with a tremendous splash; notched tails as wide as a teacher’s blackboard slapping into the water. Bursts of bubbles breaking the waters surface, blown underwater as a screen against other males - trumpets, as loud as charging elephant, thicken the air. Head lunges, as threatening as a growling dog baring its teeth.

Photos of a competitive Humpback Whale pod taken Dec. 2010

If weather is conducive and we have had our fill of whale action, our coastline also offers superb snorkeling, while a few species of dolphins are also commonly encountered.

Important Tour Information

  • Six passengers max, at least four to "set sail" we'll mix and match - (inquire if your group is larger than six - our boats can hold up to 20)
  • 8am - 12pm
  • Ages 10 and up welcome (inquire for younger guests)
  • $195 per person
  • Onboard lunch, drinks and snacks included- with Aloha.
  • Reservations for holiday peaks, winter and summer seasons are recommended to be made at least two weeks ahead of time. Though we will take 'last minute' ones if we have space, your chances are much better to block ahead of time. Bring polarized sunglasses and cameras for sure!

Wild Side adheres to the IWC's General Principles for Whalewatching to minimize the risks of adverse impacts of whalewatching on cetaceans. humpback whale breach hawaii oahu

Although our sighting rates are at 95+% we cannot guarantee sightings, interaction with wild dolphins, whales, snorkeling, nor ideal weather conditions. We reserve the right to not facilitate in-water OR shipboard encounters which we feel may compromise the well-being of our guests or ocean wildlife. All passengers are required to wear locator/flotation devices. We do not offer transportation to the boat harbors.

Audio of 'normal' whale song - drop the hydrophone (underwater microphone) in and this is what you hear)

Audio of whale song on our favorite spot (drop the hydrophone in and THIS is what you hear! There's THAT many whales)



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